The Spa - Skincare Services


Our facial services have been individually selected for their extraordinary therapeutic values, intergrity and flexibility.  Each facial will begin with a personalized skin analysis and consultation to determine which facial is right for you and your skin.

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This classic European deep pore cleansing facial uses a unique aromatherapy purifying process to deep clean the skin without irritation.
50 Minutes - $130
80 Minutes - $170

This freshly prepared natural fruit mask uses organically pure sources of AHA-BHA to slough off dead skin cells and promote the growth of fresh skin. When combined with healing plant essential oils, your skin will instantly become smooth, firm and’s revitalizing for your spirit, as well.
50 Minutes - $130
80 Minutes - $170

This treatment is designed for people with sensitive skin. Redness and irritation is diminished with specialized cleansing, cooling and soothing, hydrating techniques and a wonderful anti redness mask. Skin will appear more vibrant, manageable and hydrated.
50 Minutes - $130
80 Minutes - $170

This long lasting, deep hydrating and cleansing facial will revive and rejuvenate dehydrated skin. This facial will give your skin extraordinary lift with its aromatherapy oils, plant elixirs and custom-blended mask.
80 Minutes - $170

The ancient art of touch, and the healing properties of plants, flowers and fruits, synergize to create a facial that reverses the effects of aging. Nutrients and vitamins are delivered through a unique anti-oxidant system of proteins and minerals, which lift and firm to oxygenate the skin and increase suppleness. The results are a luminous, rejuvenated complexion. Great for baby-boomers and sun-worshippers.
80 Minutes - $170

A remarkable facial designed to rejuvenate your complesion with a professional strength alpha beta peel. A blend of vitamin c, resveratol, peptides, acai oil and nourishing ingredients will brighten and tone. Results are the glow of healthier, younger skin.
80 Minutes - $170

This anti aging treatment helps rejuvenate, refine and lift fatigued complexions. Powerful blends of anti-oxidants help combat free radicals which attack collagen and elastin causing skin to age.
80 Minutes - $180


This sensational eye treatment is the perfect companion to any of our facials. Add this sensational eye treatment to your facial, and experience its firming, hydrating and nourishing effects, helping to combat fine lines. $35
Add - $35

For a sun kissed complexion on your neck, shoulders and upper chest, add our fruit-based autobronzant treatment to any facial. $15
Add - $15

Our state-of-the-art European waxing technique features the highest quality ingredients, providing less irritation and hair breakage, giving you the smoothest legs, bikini lines and lips, as well as shapely eyebrows.
*Brazilian Technique not available.

As we age, the elastine fibers in our skin lose their suppleness, resulting in wrinkles. This facial is a restructuring and smoothing treatment. The results are reduced wrinkles, increased nutrition, radiance and hydration for your face, neck and décolleté.
80 Minutes $180