The Spa - Body Treatments

A delightful array of the finest treatments available to pamper and nurture your body and leave you feeling refreshed and indulged.

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The use of Lactic Acid, natural botanicals and stone massage give an overall dramatic increase in circulation thus encouraging a healthier skin tone. Our stone massage uses both hot and cold stones causing the vessels to alternate between dilation and construction. This benefits the body in a deeply relaxing yet rejuvenating way.
80 Minutes - $225

This granule free, relaxing exfoliation uses citrus fruits and a triple concentrate of aroma therapeutic oils and lotions to hydrate, firm and nourish skin that is damaged by daily stress.  This treatment is recommended both before and after exposure to the sun.
80 minutes - $160

Our micronized detozifying seaweed wrap, combined with our unique blend of healing and stimulating essential oils leave your skin feeling firmer and your body will be trimmer and stress free.
50 minutes - $130

This treatment targets the lower body area to help contour and reduce cellulite. The seaweed wrap detoxifies, re-mineralizes and stimulates oxygen to the skin to tighten and firm.
50 minutes - $130

Sooth your skin with this marvelous therapy for sunburn. You will be gently exfoliated. Your body will then be treated with a lavender, aloe gel mask and wrapped in sheets.
50 min - $110


A gentle massage with a mixture of sea salts and marine algae to gently exfoliate your dry and damaged skin, while simultaneously remineralizing and nourishing the skin. A hydrating cream is then applied, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.
50 minutes - $130

Our special blend of grape, safflower and sunflower seed oils combined with sugar, buffs the skin, cleanses the pores and restores your skin to a healthy glow. A moisturizing body soufflé will complete the treatment.
25 minutes - $80
50 minutes - $125


Any of the following treatments can be added to your body treatment service for extra benefit.

Add our fruit-based autobronzant treatment to either of the exfoliating treatments, Tropical Marine Body Polish or Rain Forest Body Scrub.

Both pure essential oils and organic Jojoba oil are used to customize this treatment.
25 minutes - $65

Seaweed and sea salts are used to purify the body through toxin elimination.
25 minutes - $65