October through May
Everyday Excluding Fridays

10:30am - 11:30am

Mondays - Short Game – Chipping, pitching and bunkers around the green.  Learn the simplest way and what approach is best for when to chip and when to pitch.  Learn how to execute high and low shots.

Tuesdays - Irons - Learn to hit solid crisp iron shots through the proper impact position.  The set-up, swing plane and angle of approach, will determine how solid your iron shots can be.

Wednesdays - Hybrids, Fairway metals and Driving - All golfers have difficulty with fairway metals and driving.  Learn the techniques to execute these shots effectively.

Thursdays - Putting - Basic techniques and principles for all varieties of strokes.

Saturdays - Full Swing - Create better clubhead speed along with path to maximize your ability for increased distance and direction.  Learn to develop better positions throughout the swing.

Sundays - Beginner's - Learn the fundamentals and techniques of the basics - the grip, proper set-up, body posture, ball position and club positions.

To regiser call the Golf Pro Shop at 239.435.2475.
Daily clinic fee is $35 per person and is available for hotel guests, public guests and member.  Please pay for clinics by cash or check.  Maximum number of participants per clinic is six.  The public is welcome to attend but can only sign up a day prior to the clinic.



Golf lessons are available by appointment only. 

Rates:    ½ hour - $55
               1 hour - $100
               9 hole playing lessons for 1 or 2 people $200

Call the Golf Pro Shop at 239.435.2475 to schedule.